1. Mp3’s are small files because they have been heavily compressed. One of the consequences of this is compression is the loss of audio depth. Effects like reverb and compression become exaggerated and “pushed forward”. I have noticed that reverb that sounds great on a cd becomes overbearing on an mp3. I have two approaches to solving this problem.

a. Reduce the amount of reverb in the mix by either adjusting the wet/dry mix or the amount of reverb being sent from the reverb aux.
b. Increase the pre-delay to create separation between the dry sound and the effect.

2. Frequency buildup can result in a mix that sounds cluttered, closed, or dirty. Frequency buildup is usually caused by boosting a particular frequency across several instruments/vocals. In addition to buildup caused by emphasized frequencies among instruments, frequencies in effects can also contribute to buildup. For example, an excessively bright reverb can result in a more sibilant vocal. To remedy this, be mindful of the equalization and tonality of the effects and compare them to the dry sound. Listen to the interaction between the two and adjust the tonality of the effect to compliment the tonality of the original sound.


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